Tech for Bootstrapping Software-as-a-Service Startups

We use our unique technology to bootstrap software ideas into scalable Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses.

Our intellectual property and proprietary software technology that we have developed specifically for SaaS businesses allows our team to partner with entrepreneurs and quickly and efficiently build out their pre-revenue ideas into businesses. In our effort to foster the growth and development of both the startup community in Alaska and the adoption of the computer programming language of GO as an enterprise tool, we make the foundation of our IP and proprietary software tech publicly available as an open-source project.

Startup studios are not to be misinterpreted as accelerators or incubators in the traditional or operational sense of venture capital firms. The focus of a startup studio is simply the process of consistent start-up creation, built using a standardized approach and an inventive, yet highly effective infrastructure. We leverage our IP and software technology to provide this standardized approach to bootstrapping software-as-a-service startups.

Speed, Scalability, and Efficiency for Bootstrapping SaaS

Our startup studio focuses on scalable methods to ramp up the growth of the startup. This in turn not only accelerates the growth and valuation of the company, but also allows opportunities to test different ideas and pivot quickly for new markets or solutions. In order to execute this strategy, we are committed to the development of the following:

  • Unique software technology to bootstrap SaaS web applications

    • Already implemented in three SaaS businesses including Keeni Space and Aurora Forecast Alaska.
    • Network effect on value of our software technology via continuous development as its implemented in each startup.
    • Integrated with key business components for SaaS including billing subscriptions. See Keeni Space as example SOP software pricing.
    • Foundation of our software technology contributed to open-source project SaaS Startup Kit coded in Golang and made publicly available with the Apache 2.0 license via the non-profit Geeks Accelerator.
  • Mentoring to build tech internally

    • Provide strategic leadership (CTO, Engineering, Product).
    • Invest internally in growing tech talent.
    • Increased enterprise value when People and Tech are built using internal resources together.

We recognize the value of building the technology and an engineering team into strategic long-term assets. The most valuable companies have both strong technology capabilities and amazing teams that are capable of continuing to drive innovation.

“Building unique software that solves a problem is difficult. Turning that unique software into a startup company that can scale is even more challenging. This open-source Go Startup Kit for SaaS accelerates building software into high-growth companies.” Lee Brown, principal software architect and co-founder slicing pie

SaaS Startup Kit in Go lang

Open-source project of Go code to bootstrap your software-as-a-service startup.

Go programming language badge Apache 2.0 license badge SaaS build pipeline automated badge GO autogenerated API documentation badge GOswag autogenerated REST API docs

This SaaS Startup Kit is a set of libraries and boilerplate code in Golang for building scalable software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. The goal of this project is to provide a proven approach for building new SaaS that reduces the repetitive tasks in getting a new software service launched to production that can easily be scaled and ready to onboard enterprise clients. It uses minimal dependencies, implements idiomatic code and follows Golang best practices.

Go boilerplate code for responsive web app

We are partnered with the non-profit Geeks Accelerator and are committed to providing the foundation of our software technology as an open-source project under the Apache 2.0 license. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product offerings generally provide a web-based service using a subscription model. They typically provide at least two main components: a REST API and a web application. Since this project is a complete starter kit for building SasS with GoLang, it includes coding libraries and boilerplate Go lang code to quickly build both a web app and REST API for your startup.

SaaS Startup Kit code Example SaaS Startup web app

64% of small and medium businesses now rely on cloud-based technology to drive growth and boost their productivity. And 88% of businesses say they are considering investing in new SaaS solutions in the next 2-3 years.

Opportunities for Innovation in SaaS

By building on top of new cloud-based infrastructure, embracing computing as a service, and leveraging open-source technologies, startups can focus on SaaS to drive business growth and increase productivity.

Streamlined Business Processes

Digitizing workflows with modern software is the foundation for process automation. Thriving businesses are removing human error from their operations and incorporating constant process improvement into their daily routines. See how Keeni.Space provides standard operating procedure software.

Mobile SaaS

Half of small business owners use their smartphone as the primary device to run their business. One of the big opportunities for SaaS is to truly deliver a mobile experience that is in line with, or better than, the web app experience.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Adaptive intelligence applications that, by design and definition, create continuously better and more personalized experiences for users because their AI and machine-learning components enable the apps to learn as they’re used.

Partner with Alaska Startup Studio

If you are an entrepreneur that loves Alaska, with some custom software code, and want to turn it into a web-based SaaS business, start the collaboration of investigating the opportunity with us by submitting your idea.