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Do you want to work for a startup that uses Slicing Pie to compensate you with equity?

What is Slicing Pie? Slicing Pie is a model founded by Mike Moyer to create fair equity splits in early-stage, bootstrapped startup companies.

Why Does It Exist? Usually companies “slice the pie” on equity before the pie is baked, later to resent someone on the team if they are not pulling their fair share. Great startups and relationships are lost over disagreements on equity. Slicing Pie resolves this problem by creating a simple and fair model for valuing a person’s contribution to the startup.

How Does It Work? Slicing Pie is a simple formula where a person’s percentage share of rewards equals their share of at-risk contributions into the grunt fund. There are two basic types of at-risk contributions: cash and non-cash like time, ideas, relationships, and supplies. The grunt fund tracks these contributions.

Join a Directory of Startups using the Slicing Pie model to dynamically compensate you with Equity

Building startups is exciting and meaningful. However, they are not without risk. The best way to valuate time and resources put into growing an idea from zero to one is the Slicing Pie model. Slicing Pie is a motivating and effective model fairly allocating equity in early-stage, bootstrapped companies.

Join us in creating a master directory to pair startups and grunts. This directory is for you if:

  • You are looking for a job opportunity with a startup that uses the Slicing Pie model.
  • You are generally interested in learning about full and part-time job opportunities at startups.
  • You have a startup and are looking for additional grunts to collaborate with.
  • You are interested in working remotely as part of a distributed team, or having a remote team for the best talent.

Why we Started this Free Directory

We are software engineers looking for startups that use the Slicing Pie model to bootstrap an idea into a growing business. We are experienced at building software-as-a-service businesses and looking for new opportunities to help other startups bake their pies.

It is challenging to find other grunt startups using the Slicing Pie model. No directory exists to connect us. We suspect this is a shared challenge, and we have set out to address it.

With your help, the directory will connect startups and grunts who believe in the Slicing Pie model to allocate equity and grow thriving businesses.

Job Opportunities at Slicing Pie Startups

If you are looking for a job opportunity at a startup that uses the Slicing Pie model, help us build this directory by telling us about you and the possible job opportunities you are looking for.

It is OK if you have not worked with a grunt startup before. This is why we are building this directory with job opportunities.
While providing the names of startups that currently use the slicing pie model is not required, it would be really helpful to build this directory for you.
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