Portfolio of Investments in Software Startups

Alaska is a place of complex landscapes, myth, human imprint, adaption, and survival. It is a place for true entrepreneurs and creative professionals to test their skills. It is a place where the hardiest people have thrived for millennia, and where they continue to make their home.

The portfolio companies below have made Alaska their home. They are pioneering the tech frontier of Alaska with us. They have embraced the bootstrapped approach and are focused on achieving product market fit with sustainable resources.

Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures

Keeni Space Procedures

New ubiquitous platform for standardizing and sharing operating procedures (SOP) to increase performance and collaboration of diverse global teams. Keeni Space simplifies the new and complex by enabling anybody to create and run standard operating procedures anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Standard Operating Procedure Software
Aurora Detection and Notification service

Aurora Detection and Notification

Aurora.cam Detection and Notification

Aurora.cam uses advanced image recognition technology to detect the visibility of auroras in real-time. When an active aurora is detected, the service will notify subscribers - encouraging them to wake up and get outside to enjoy the truly unique experience.

Northern Lights Forecast Alaska