About our Startup Studio

As the Gateway to the Arctic, Alaska is part of a global North that is pivotal to today's world. Alaska's people, land, animals, technology, and shifting climate comprise the core of the North's many possible futures.

Since resources are constrained in Alaska, our startup studio focuses on startups with a software focus. Tech startups focused on solving problems with software have lower barriers and fewer dependances beyond having a great team to build a great product. By leveraging the strong sense of community and connection to nature, we believe startups focused on solving challenging opportunities with software can thrive in Alaska.

This Alaska Startup Studio is created and managed by Geeks in the Woods. The team consists of startup professionals with vast experience in both software engineering and entrepreneurship. Whether solo entrepreneur or a team of 2-3 co-founders, our startup studio partners with the entrepreneurs to validate the idea and build it into a scalable business.

Lucas and Lee, co-founders of Geeks in the Woods and its startup studio, are identical twin brothers. They have been working together since middle school as entrepreneurs. They grew their last big company together over ten years and have a valuable perspective on teams. They believe your co-founders are the most important resource you will ever have. If want partners to help your team achieve success with increased likelihood, consider building your startups with their startup studio.

Co-Founders and Angel Investors Slicing Pie

lee brown

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Lee Brown

software architect, geek, entrepreneur, object oriented, python and GOlang programmer, and lives life pushing to production

Lee is the co-founder of Geeks in the Woods and board member of Geeks Accelerator. He is on the front lines of high-growth and scalable software startups. From the early age of 11 years old, his interest in programming and internet technologies led him to build websites for local businesses. He boasts 20+ years of computer programming experience - particularly 8 years experience with cloud architecture and 6 years experience with GOlang.

Lee and his twin brother co-founded TUNE a decade ago to provide digital marketing technology as a service to marketers. Lee was the front lines of scalability and flexibility, spearheading API-driven data layers. As an early adopter of Amazon Web Services, his teams created new and innovative solutions that fueled business growth and established TUNE’s products as industry leading. After ten years at TUNE, Lee refocused his energy on leveraging his experience building software-as-a-service (SaaS) to launch Geeks in the Woods and this startup factory.

Geeks in the Woods are software engineers and angel investors in Alaska that work remote yet connected. Lee’s involvement and board member of Geeks Accelerator is focused on building jobs for tomorrow with Alaska’s community today. Geeks Accelerator is a non-profit that provides the a startup accelerator for software engineers and tech entrepreneurs.

Graduate of Babson College, Boston, MA
#1 rated college for entrepreneurship

lucas brown

Instagram @sonoflukesfather


Lucas Brown

entrepreneur, product developer, growth hacker, creative thinker, software engineer, and loves building businesses from zero to one

Lucas is the co-founder of Geeks in the Woods and board member of Geeks Accelerator. Lucas Brown is focused on understanding the patterns and key components of building software-as-a-service companies that achieve both rapid growth and sustainability. Lucas and his twin brother Lee began their first businesses before starting high school. They quickly found themselves suited for the world of software and marketing - launching their first successful startup as sophomores in college. This became a decade long journey, co-founding TUNE and pioneering software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology for digital marketing.

With his team, Lucas led TUNE to profitability growth, bootstrapping it for the first three years while growing the company to 75 employees and later raised $35M from Tier 1 VCs, Accel Partners and Icon Ventures. Lucas was influential in growing their company to 360 employees worldwide. He developed an expertise for understanding client needs and translating them into product designs to achieve rapid product market fit. After ten years at TUNE, Lucas and his twin brother transitioned to become bootstrapped entrepreneurs again co-founding Geeks in the Woods, this startup studio and the non-profit Geeks Accelerator.

His expertise in SaaS business models, product development, and user experience coupled with his constant drive for innovation makes him a cornerstone of bootstrapping software startups.

Graduate of Babson College, Boston, MA
#1 rated college for entrepreneurship

Long Term Goals for the Alaska Startup Studio

Within three years:

  • Launch 6+ SaaS businesses.
  • Achieve profitability with at least 3 businesses.
  • Profitable exit of at least 1 business.
  • Kill at least 1 business that is not proving to be successful.

Within five years:

  • Inspire more tech companies to start in Alaska.
  • Develop 1+ into a business with scaling metrics, revenue of $10-$100M, and a business that Alaskans are proud of.
  • Successfully sold investments in 2+ businesses.

What is a Startup Studio?

While accelerators and incubators have been in existence for quite some time and today number in the many hundreds, venture or startup studios began to appear and gain traction in 2008. Today, there are over 65 venture studios across the world, of which 17 have been built since 2013. Learn more about what is startup venture studio including venture studio vs accelerator and venture studio vs incubator.

What is a Startup Studio

There is quite a range of variations between the startup studios, venture studio, etc. Each aligns to a defined model. Some may ask for more equity than others, while others may have prerequisites of co-founder status on certain ventures. Additionally, some studios only work exclusively on seed-stage investments, while others concentrate upon those with a higher revenue traction rate.

Types of Startup and Venture Studios