Startup Studio for SaaS

The Alaska Startup Studio partners with entrepreneurs to create global software-as-a-service (SaaS) startups based in Alaska.

Long overlooked by venture capitalists and the overall startup community, we see Alaska as the next great tech frontier. We believe that SaaS startups can leverage Alaska’s strong sense of community and connection to nature to solve local and global economic, environmental, technological and other challenges.

Have a great idea for a software startup or in the very early stages of building out your SaaS business in Alaska? Partner with the Alaska Startup Studio as your co-founders!

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Why partner with the Alaska Startup Studio?

We provide talent, financing and agile software tech to entrepreneurs to help them build ideas into scalable companies. Our startup studio focuses on startups that want to tackle big ideas with software technologies.

Whether you are a solopreneur or a team of 5+ co-founders, our startup studio, led by twins and successful startup founders Lee and Lucas Brown, can work with you to rapidly validate your idea and build it into a scalable business.

Approach to Building and Investing

Tech for Bootstrapping Software-as-a-Service Startups

When partnering with you, we leverage our unique software toolkit that we have developed specifically for bootstrapping SaaS startups. The Golang toolkit provides a set of Go libraries and boilerplate Go code we can use to build SaaS web apps and web APIs.

Tech to Bootstap SaaS Startups

What is a Startup Studio?

While startup accelerators or incubators can provide access to resources like mentorship and training for entrepreneurs, startup studios or venture studios like the Alaska Startup Studio go a step further by investing their own resources to start companies alongside the entrepreneurs that join their studios.

There are over 65 startup/venture studios across the world, of which 17 have been built since 2013. Learn more about what is a startup venture studio, including venture studio vs accelerator and startup studio vs incubator.

Portfolio of Software Businesses

Standard Operating Procedures

Keeni Space

New ubiquitous platform for standardizing and sharing operating procedures (SOP) to increase performance and collaboration of diverse global teams. Keeni Space simplifies the new and complex by enabling anybody to create and run standard operating procedures anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Standard Operating Procedure Software